I'm developing an archiving app that downloads messages from Groupwise, and gives user the ability to restore them to their inbox. I've come across something I can't find much information about, so I'll ask here:

Basically, my app reads in the mail item XML that was retrieved via the soap interface, and uses that for the createItemRequest. This works, as long as the <part> element in the <message> element has the content type "text/plain". If it has content type "text/rtf", I get the following error: "59926:The specified contentType is not support with this call."

Is there any way to work around this? Most of the mails in question have been retrieved using the view keyword "message/RTF", so they're in RTF. They all seem to have an HTML attachment with the actual message in it, so I'm not sure how much the <part> element really matters at all, but it would still be nice to not have this error.

I'm testing against Groupwise 8.0.2.

Thanks in advance,