I have a user who is using IE7 and GroupWise 8.0.2 (also tried with 8.0.1). In IE7, she uses File - Send - Page by Email. The way this has worked for some time now is that it would send the HTML/page as an attachment in GroupWise. A few weeks ago (I *think* this is when her client was updated to v801), it started integrating the page rather than sending as attachment. To fix this, I changed her default compose to Plain Text. In doing so, it started sending the page as an HTML attachment again.

A week or so later, the same problem came up, but these settings were unchanged and I've not been able to get it back to the desired behavior of sending as an HTML attachment. I tried using CleanIt to remove 802 and put 801 back on. Same thing.

Does anyone know where this setting can be changed? It appears to be changeable somewhere but I'm not sure where.

The user is using WinXP sp3, GroupWise 8.02, and latest IE7. I've tried the same thing using a Win7 PC with 8.02 and IE8 and got the same behavior.