Hi there,

I recently got a request from a user concerning a feature in the GW 8 mail client: if you open a new mail message and start to type an e-mail, under the Tools menu you have various options for Spell Check, QuickCorrect, Thesaurus, Speller Language, etc. Provided there is text in the body of the message these options are all available, except for Thesaurus, which is greyed out.

I've looked through settings at user and post office level, done a search through the PDF for the Administration manual (yes, I do read those... don't tell anyone) for Thesaurus, been to Google, and through the forums here, but I'm finding minimal references to this setting - most of which are simply how to find and use it.

Does anyone know where I might find info on how to activate it in the first place? I suspect this is a setting/service at the server level that needs to be tweaked....

We are running:
GW 8.0.2
GW 8.0.0 client
SuSE 10.3
Windows XP

Thanks in advance,