Can anyone provide a bit of advise on the below.

ZCM 10.3.0 One ZCM server on Windows 2003 and Database held on Windows 2003 SQL 2005

Things are generally ticking over quite nicely. However, at the weekend had to shutdown the zcm server and database server for a schedulled power down. The servers were down for two days. They have both come back fine and on the client side there dont seem any noticable issues. However the event logs of the zcm server have hundreds are entries like the below.

The assignment web service encountered the following exception while handling "getEffectiveAssignments" request for 1b9aec9ad822418e8e0aac226dcabb08~02fb12f80eac4c423 7a502fb12f80eac: 1b9aec9ad822418e8e0aac226dcabb08~02fb12f80eac4c423 7a502fb12f80eac

Any clues what could be causing that. The last bit of the error message (the long string) is different for each entry.