Over the summer we imaged a good number of computers with the ZCM agent on the image. We used zac fsg -d to prepare the images before using sysprep. In our configuration settings we had set to "remove" the workstations after 30 days. I changed that flag to 120 days sometime after the imaging of the workstations. They have since been deleted from the ZCM server since the workstations were not active all summer. I looked at the ZEN agent status and everything is unavailable or unmanaged. I tried the following commands and still no luck:

zac reg https://ZCMserver.domain.org
Username: ZENadmin username (Novell User)

zac reg -g https://ZCMserver.domain.org
Username: Zenadmin username (Novell User)

I recieved the following errors:

Unable to register with the server at: https://ZCMserver.domain.org. RegistrationManager - Network error connecting to server: the remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway.

Any help is greatly appreciated.