2 Issues:

I have a user with a Droid Incrediable 2.2.

Mail synched just fine.

Contacts are NOT displaying under People. When I go to View, I see that Active Sync has 0 contacts, but when I go to Company directory and search employees, users come up. However, it should synch "Contacts" address book, which contains email addresses and phone numbers, NOT the Global Address book (which the company directory is searching).

When I activated this users phone with the Data Synchronizer it did NOT synch any Calendar items at all. However any NEW items added in Groupwise after activation displays fine.

We're on Build 97. I made sure that "Contacts" under Groupwise Connector is selected as the address book to sync. I've deleted and readded this user on the web interface and on the phone, rebooted phone, but no luck on both issues.

Any suggestions? Maybe upgrade to Build 104? Which when I login to the Customer Center I cannot find, any help with that?

Appreciate the help!