Hi all: We just received two new pieces of equipment which run WIndows XP sp3. The equipment works in kind of a client / server architecture with data collected on both machines but only saved onto the server. The server also hosts a database to track all the data. Other than this, they are just ordinary windows machines.

The problem I am having is somehow the Netware client (4.91 sp5) or ZCM client is interfering with the data transfer from the client to the server. The transfer is via direct ip (\\ip_of_server\data). Once I uninstalled the client (Netware, ZCM and iprint) everything works as it should. I reinstalled iprint and things are still working fine. I have not tried reinstalling either the netware or zcm clients as we really need both.

My question is rather open-ended. Have you experienced anything similar, where the client was causing a disruption?