I am trying to guess the meaning of "Zenworks Option 100" in the following document:

10092121: How to use DHCP to deliver the Middle Tier address

I am not a Novell expert, and do not have time to become one, but have been asked to come up with a configuration for 3rd party DHCP servers (Cisco IOS, Juniper JunOS, and ISC DHCPD) that will boot a Zenworks image install correctly. The above document says "agent will first look for ZENworks option 100 for a Middle Tier address."

What exactly is "Zenworks Option 100"? Is this the same as DHCP/Bootp Option 100? This option is reserved in the DHCP/Bootp RFCs for time zone information.

So, has Zenworks approprited a reserved Bootp option for passing the Middle Tier IP address instead?

What is weirder, is I have debugged the DHCP transactions that the client is sending as it goes through the boot process and it does not appear to ask for Option 100, but gets the Middle Tier IP address from Option 180 and Option 181 instead. These are vendor-specific options, so it's OK for Zenworks to ask for them.

Is there a complete explanation of how this boot process works anywhere?


-W Sanders
St Marys College of California