Can someone point me to some straightforward instructions, or provide some here, on how to create a bootable USB drive that is basically a clone of the ZCM boot cd?

I do not want to use it for offline imaging, or restoring an image from the USB drive itself. I simply want a bootable USB drive that will do pretty much the same thing that the zenworks bootcd does.

Typically, when we need to simply reimage a machine, we boot from the zcm bootcd, from the zenworks menu we select manual mode, type in the satellite image server address, type img <enter> and use the gui to create/restore an image.

This is basically what I want to do. Nothing fancy. I tried following the ideas at

Using Unetbootin, I created the bootable USB drive, and it boots with some choices, but no matter what I select, I get "repository not found".

Is there not an easy way to replicate what the bootcd does on a usb drive?