Can anyone tell me if there is anyway to have all the calendars change dates automatically when you change the date on the Main calendar? It used to work that way, and it was really convenient. On my particular page I've got three multi-user calendars, one for Department Heads, one for my staff, and one for meeting rooms, a one page view of my main calendar, and then NFL and MLB team schedules showing in details there are 6 panels. If I want to schedule a meeting room, I used to (pre GW8) be able to click on the date in my main calendar and the rest of them automatically switched so I could see at once which rooms and which people were available on that day for a meeting.

Yes, there is the busy search, but this is a quick visual that can save those steps if all is clear.

So, you see I'd be greatly appreciative if someone could enlighten me, please??!!!