I know there was a similar post here back in July, but that didn't help me much.

We have a Plone portal system with Access Manager at the front, part of the portal is accessing your email - all fairly normal.

Ever since installing SP2 on the WebAccess (on NW6.5SP8) we get prompted for a username/password by "NovellWebApplication" and won't accept a valid username/password!! If you click Cancel, you get 401: Authentication Required.

What I have done....
Upgraded Access Manager to latest version (3.1.2 IR2)
I have checked the WEBACC.CFG file and the security settings are correct.
I have deleted and re-installed WebAccess
I have recreated the Access Manager config for GroupWise

I have noted though that all works fine if I point the browser to http://public.dns.address/gw and select Web Access as opposed to going straight to http://public.dns.address/gw/webacc.

Any ideas? (Will cross post to Access Manager Forum)

Thanks in advance
Xavier College, Melbourne