I am going to migrate a 2 node Netware cluster with the PO in the cluster to SLES 10 sp3 and Gw 8.02. Is it easiest to install a Linux OES server into cluster and attach to SAN where the LUN for PO is and then install GW and point to PO? I am not sure how to attach the Linux server to the NSS volume on the SAN? IS it as simple as using NSSMU and refreshing the Linux server? Or is there a better way to migrate the 2 node cluster to Linux and have the two nodes running Linux replace the old Netware boxes. If anyone has any insight or has done this any advice and gotchas would be helpful. I am not sure how the Linux OES 2 server can attach to the SAN where the NSS volume with the PO is located. I have been told it is not too bad but just want to make sure I am going about it the right way.