We have all of our Mac users logging in to BM using an SSL login. Under
authentication context we have listed out all the containers in which
we have user accounts. Logging in via this method has worked great for
the last 2 years.

We have two users with the same login name, JonesR. We had a complaint
from one of these users about slow login times. Sure enough it takes
about 2 minutes for the SSL login to complete when normally it should
take seconds.

How does BM handle user with identical names?

- Does it find the first one, attempt to match the password and if it
does not match find the next one? If this is the case the whole process
takes a long time.

- Does it find the first one and if the password does not match, deny
login? This certainly does not seem to be the case from what we have

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem would be appreciated.