We are currently running Groupwise 8.0.2 backend. I am trying to enable flatforwarding so that rule generated appointments that are being redirected via a Delegate rule will show as being from the appointment creating account not the forwarding account. I have enabled flatfwd and realmailfrom on the gwia.cfg and have enabled the correct options in consoleone to do this. It has had no effect. We are using Global signatures and I read the below in a document

"If you enable global signatures, it disables flat forwarding through the Internet Agent because the signature is appended to each message. As an administrator, you must choose which is more important in your GroupWise system, global signatures or flat forwarding."

The document refers to 7.0.3

Can someone tell me if this is the case in 8.0.2? I have tried disabling the signature for an individual user by setting it to none but still no luck, does switching on the global signature automatically disable flatwrd without exception?

If this is the case can anyone suggets something else, we have a new office using Outlook, they get the appointments and can accept them with the Delegate rule but the responding acceptance email goes back to their Groupwise account not the Appointment creators Groupwise account.