I have a NW6.5SBS (SP3)running border manager 3.8. IP addreses (private) (public) and
(secondary). This server only runs BM. Everything was working fine but I
have configured something which has stopped client browsers accessing
secure web sites. the only things that I have done is to try to setup
reverse proxy acceleration to Apache and get external access for iManager
working. I failed on the first but added filters so that external access
worked without the reverse proxy.

If I unload filters then https starts working. I have tried adding more
filters for port 443 but it makes no difference and the default http
proxy filter is still there and has not been changed.

So I conclude that the proxy has got messed up somehow. Apache is using
port 443 so could that be the cause, if so why was it working fine before?

I'm using CLNTRUST to authenticate. I'm very confused. I thought that I
actually was beginn ing to understand this but obviously not!

Max Dale