In Windows I can "add a network ressource", pasting the webDAV URL that Teaming shows for a folder. This works perfectly with WinXP, but when I try the exact same thing from a Windows Server 2003, it refuses to open, saying that the specified folder is not valid.
When I click the "Open as webDAV folder" link, same thing, a message appears saying that it cannot be opened as web folder and offering to open the URL in the browser instead.

A customer asked me this, and he is sure that it used to work some time past. He seemed to blame it on Teaming 2.1, as compared to 2.0, but as it works from WinXP and not from Server 2003, I suspect the Windows version. I also tried adding the address of the Teaming server to "trusted sites" which had no visible effect.

Does anybody know how to re-enable it? Or why the behaviour changed in the first place?

Thanks, Jerry