Hi all,

Overnight, a problem has developed where CLNTRUST hangs while executing
from the login script. There have been various postings of this.

I think this is an NDS issue because my servers are not syncing and I am
troubleshooting 603 errors on a couple of servers which are preventing
the sync.

However, the CLNTRUST issue started last night but the sync problem has
been an issue for a couple of days, so maybe ... ? <g>

There have been a number of suggestions about CLNTRUST hanging and
various suggested solutions. Is there anything definitive? My big
problem right now is being able to edit the login scripts because we are
locked out. Don't suppose there's a way to bypass the fact that the
script is locked and edit the script anyway?

CLNTRUST runs quite happily when the machine is logged in and the script
has run.

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School