I've recently taken over the administration of a network that has the core file shares on 3 physical, clustered Netware 6.5 machines. They are extremely old servers and the Fiber-Channel SAN on which the file shares reside is at end-of-life. The combined size of these file shares is around 1 TB. I need to migrate these volumes to some other platform.

I'm much more familiar with SLES and OES2 than I am with Netware. I need to move these file shares to new Equalogic SAN volumes. I'd like to create a clustered or at least an HA environment. I'd like the hosts to be VM's on ESX 3.5 (soon to be upgraded to ESXi 4.0).

What I'm looking for are some suggestions from the community as to how to proceed. Reliability is an issue as is speed. The Netware/Clustered volume environment has been extremely reliable.

We are a private university with approximately 600-800 concurrent users. Any suggestions would be helpful.