I have a question for those running GW 8 on Linux. I currently have a customer running a 2 node cluster on Netware 6.5 sp8 with GW 8.01 and the PO is in a clustered volume. They have been having numerous abends and I want to move them to Linux. I am not sure if they even need the cluster if running the Po on a Linux 10.2 with OES 2 on brand new hardware. I am wondering if the cluster is creating the instability in the current config and have always felt Linux is bulletproof. I wanted to see how people running Linux and GW 8.02 how the stability has been. If anyone has any insight or can share their experiences would be very helpful. I would rather not set up a 2 node Linux cluster and wonder if that will cause some instability. I may be way off but before the clustered PO was upgraded to 8 it was on 6.5.7 with 7.03 and ran and ran. Only recently have abends started. We have two new servers and I plan to put Linux on both.