The following is a problem & solution which I reiterate here from the
OS/2-NetWare Users mailing list, as it may indeed come in handy for
others (Craig, you might want to add a note about this on your page).

I've edited the content somewhat for clarity:

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We started to use the proxy-auth with BM (3.7sp3 on nw 5.1): clntrust on
win-s, etc, etc. Everything works fine, except my machine :))

In the NWadmin -> BMSetup -> Auth.context page I have to check in the
"Auth. only when ... restricted page" option, otherwise the Mozilla on
my [OS/2] warp gets only an empty page (in the bm-log the response code
is 302). I tried mozilla 1.7.5, 1.7.8, now 1.8b1, tried to create new
profile, but nothing changed.

But: I tried NS2.02 [Netscape 2.02 was bundled with earlier versions of
OS/2 Warp] too, and it worked well. [I] got the bm login page, as
expected, and I was able to browse normally.

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Well, as none of my suggestions seemed to work, my friend finally found
the answer on his own:

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On my win2k the moz18a4 worked, on linux moz173 & Konqueror was OK,
Galeon failed.

After some searching I've found this patch (bm37fp4e):

Now everything seems to be correct.

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So, I queried him as to how he ended up stumbling upon the field patch
(as well as what his policy was with regard to applying field patches,
in general). His response, as to what led him to this, came from the
README in the patch:

1.0 Defect Fixes & Software Changes Present in this patch

1.1 Defect Fixes

Proxy & NAT:


5. Authentication page does not get displayed on
a Safari browser on Mac Machine.

So, the point of all this is that this defect was not just related to
Safari on Mac, but to other Moz-based browsers on other platforms, as well.

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