I'm getting and error when I try to install ZCM 10.3.0 using an external MS SQL 2005 DB. Here is the screen information:

Started the ZCM install... A few screens go by...

External Database Configuration
• Server Address: SQL01.lab.prv
• Port: 1433
• Named instance (optional): i left it blank
• Username: admin.ad.account
• Password: ...
• Domain: lab.prv
• Use Windows Authentication: ENABLED
• Use SQL Server Authentication: DISABLED
I can ping lab.prv and if i type "lab", it says that it cannot find the domain "lab".

External Database Configuration
• Database Location: E:\Databases

External Database Configuration
• Database Name: ZCM10_PROD
• Username: SVC-ZCM-SQL
• Password: ...
• Domain: lab.prv (this field is greyed-out, read-only)
• Use Windows Authentication: ENABLED
• Use SQL Server Authentication: DISABLED

Ports blocked by the firewall
• Click Yes, open the ports

SSL Configuration
• Select Internal CA and click Next.

ZENworks Licensing
• ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3: activated

ZENworks Licensing
• ZENworks 10 Patch Management Services SP3: Activated

Pre-Installation Summary
>>>> ERROR!!!
Could not create the admin user, message: Windows NT user or group '[lab.prv\SVC-ZCM-SQL]' not found. Check the name again.


I can login to windows (on the server) with the account lab.prv\SVC-ZCM-SQL. I know the user account and password are good.

To initiate the install, I logged in to windows as admin.ad.account, which has local admin privileges.

The accounts "admin.ad.account" and "SVC-ZCM-SQL" are AD accounts.
"admin.ad.account" exists in SQL and has these permissions:public and sysadmim
"SVC-ZCM-SQL" does not exist in SQL. I assume that the install should create it along with the database...

Can you suggest something?

Thank you