Hi there,

Recently i've migrated our companies proxy servers to a Netware server set
up only to run Bordermanager 3.8.

I set up this server with the following partitions:

SYS: 4gb
DATA: 10gb (Not really needed, but created just incase we ever needed extra
online storage)
CACHE1: 60gb (Bordermanager Cache)

I now realise that instead of having one big cache volume, I should have
set up multiple cache volumes. I set the maximum cache size to 4.5gb (the
largest it can be set) and after a couple of weeks of running the server is
now telling me that it is approaching its Directory Entries limit.

What should I do? Should I put the maximum cache size back to a smaller
limit? Can I divide the Cache1 partition into multiple Caches or is it too
late now?

Many thanks
Erik Hogan