With an OES NetWare server and BorderManager 3.8 SP3 with bm38sp3ir1 I
am getting a '503 Service Unavailable' error when trying to goto
NetWare Remote Manager in the intranet as well as other https sites on
the intranet that are listening on ports other than 443. I am using
Craig's Proxy.cfg file which has 'EnabletunnelingControl=1' which
apparently is the source of the problem. If I set it to '0', then I
don't have a problem trying to go to NRM on 8009.

However, TID 2971295 says that having this disabled is a potential
security risk. It just doesn't say how it is a security risk. Also,
TID 10097986 seems to indicate that this is broken and that there
currently is no workaround.

Could someone explain more what the problem is that
'EnabletunnelingControl' is trying to correct and how big a security
risk it is if you set it to 0?