I have this one user who has had a problem with GW8 putting any appointment sent to her by others into the calendar as accepted automatically. I know about the "feature" where GW accepts any appointment created automatically but this one involves mail coming from OTHER people. I wiped out the rules that were in place while debugging and no matter what I do the appointment is always accepted. I even turned on the "on accept, continue to display" option in the calendar settings but the mail NEVER tocuhes the inbox. If the appointment gets sent to the trash and I undelete it, it still does nto show in the mailbox.

Ive never seen this behavior before and she is the only one with the issue. She did say she changed something but has no idea what it was. Its almost as if the appointment is being sent directly to her calendar bypassing the inbox alltogether.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance,