Hello, am doing some tests with a GW8 HP2 GWIA (an older install, haven't
updated it for some time...), this is running on a SLES10SP3/OESSP2 machine
with GroupWise databases on an NSS volume that I have access to from my
Windows machine. I used Danita's trick with the symbolic link for the
server name into /mnt and I can connect to and administer the domain from C1
on the SLES machine and my Windows machine. However I can also open the
GWIA object on both with all the tabs showing, but according to some notes I
have as well as TID#10095504 I shouldn't be able to do this without access
to the gwia.cfg file as specified in the exepath.cfg file.

My domain/wpgate/gwia/exepath.cfg file specifies
\\sles-servername\opt\novell\groupwise\agents\share and there is indeed a
gwia.cfg file there which I don't think I can access from my Windows machine
so don't think this is what my Windows C1 is tying into. However there is
also a gwia.cfg file located in my GWIA gateway directory (wpgate/gwia), so
maybe my Windows C1 is locking onto that?

Is there supposed to be a GWIA.CFG file in my wpgate/gwia directory? I
thought the gwia.cfg file was only supposed to be at the location specified
by exepath.cfg? Why would there be 2 gwia.cfg files in different locations?

I do notice if I go into NRM for the SLES machine and check the NCP shares
for my connection that I also have wpgate/gwia/gwac.db open.

Do I still need access to the gwia.cfg file? The TID is for GW 6.5 so maybe
not? But I had a problem originally accessing the GWIA object, maybe it was
unrelated to the gwia.cfg file?

Any light shedding for the above confusion would be appreciated... I don't
mind the fact that everything seems to be working, just making sure if it
really is!