I also posted this in the "Administraive tools" forum,,, i don't see a clients forum..
servers are OES NW 65sp8 and client windows 7 pro. I installed novell client 2 sp1 for windows 7. I cannot copy files from one cluster vol to another or to the c:\ local drive. I get message:
"invalid file handle".

Using CIFS is not a problem. Reason why we still run the novell client is because we have symantec installing and updating clients thru a login script. Is there another client for windows 7 that i should be using?

I tried with setting the (network security: LAN manager authentication Level to: Send LM and NTLM -use NTLM2 session security if negoitated) in win7, like it works with cifs, but still cannot copy.

please advice.