Could you give me advise, pls?

We experienced multiple hardware failure and now all permissions gone from users home folders on NSS volume.
As a result, the users cannot see the home folder when login.
All folders are still there but no permissions are assigned now, except for eDirectory administrator accounts.
Thus, all IT administrators who has got the admin right can see the users' home folders but not the users.

Could you tell me how I can assign the permission back to users, pls?
Is that possible to assign permission on mass users?
Numbers of users are nearly 3000 thousands, so I do not want to assign it manually one by one.

eDirectory time sync is fine and I run full repair on eDirectory in case and all fine.

Servers: OES2SP2 on SLES10SP3 x 5
Clients: Windows XP SP3 with Novell client 4.91 SP5

There are some other file servers for shared data and home folders for other group of people and others are all fine. Only one file server for a group of people got problem.