Just installed BM3.8 at a customers' site.Created a group that has access to
the internet, created access-rules in BM and as a source I put in this
group. THis works fine for about half of the users (about 20 out of 40).
CLNTRUST is loaded on all the machines. At the machines where it does not
work, I can only get onto the internet via the BM-login-screen (as a result
of SSL in proxy authentication). Single Sign On has also been enabled. SO,
thanks to the SSL enable they can get to the internet. When I disable the
SSL-option, They get: "403 Forbidden. Organizational Policies prohibit
access to this site" and the machines start hanging. Some programs won't
start after that.

In the end I disabled HTTP Proxy Authentication and everything works fine.

Anyone seen this before?

Kind regards,

Adrie de Regt