Hi all,
Backend GW 802, client GW 703 and GW 802 in a nice mix.
I created a lot of Resources (conference rooms) that all users can book.
In the Description field in C1, I wrote information about the rooms, i e equipment, how many chairs, phone number to the rooms, et cetera. So the users have that information when they want to book a cenferense room
And two rules on each Resource, one Accept and one Decline.
All users are now able to make appointments for the Resources, and that work just fine.
The problem is that when a user make an appointment, and get a reply that the appointment is accepted, the Subject line in the reply contains all the information I put in the Description field in C1.
The users find that annoying, as there is a lot of information in the Description field.
So, is there a way to make the Subject line in the reply just contain what the user put in the Subject line when they made the appointment.
Or, God forbide, is this Work As Designed?
Thanks for all information.