(Very first: The message is wrong, it should tell Print Manager is down)

OES2-Linux, two node cluster, setup a few months ago.

One eDir 8.8 Container (including few users), the admin and another single user are
assigned as members of the "Manager role".

(iManager, iPrint, Manage Print Manager -> Manager Role)

Manager Control: Status = Down

Clicking "startup throws a "You have insufficient rights for this task."
I double checked, that the used users are listed in Access Control, Manager Role.

After migrating the IPP ressource to the other node, the PM is up again, also
https://<ipp-ip>/psmstatus is available again. An hour later I recognized, that the
situation was the same: PM is down, it's not possible to start it through iManager,
and migrating the ressource to the other node fixed it.

How to track down the root of this issue?

Regards, Rudi.

I access iManager through the IP of that IPP cluster ressource using IE8. When
"Manage Print Manager" was selected, that ...:

The hostname of the iPrint server does not match its certificate.
Continue to the iPrint Certificate Manager if you would like to view this
certificate and authorize its use.

.... was added before.