Recently I deployed a Message of the Day notice using an application called motd.exe. 523 users succeeded but 69 failed.

The error message in the logs looks like this:

Failed to process launch in user space "Z:\MOTD\motd.exe {1}".
The bundle itself is very simple and just uses Launch Application in the following way:
Command: Z:\MOTD\motd.exe
(note: there is no trailing space)

Command Line Parameters:
(note: it's completely blank)

Working Directory: Z:\MOTD\

Under More Options the default settings were kept (Run as logged in user, No Wait).

The bundle is associated to 14 user groups, two containers (eDirectory), and my user for testing. The bundle is brand new and not migrated.

Any ideas what the error message means? Could it be the Z: drive is not mapped? Or does it mean something else? Why is " {1}" stuck on the end?