We are beginning the upgrade of the GroupWise client from 7.03 to 8.02. It seems to be running fine on most of the test machines (XP SP3 and Windows 7) but on one of my machines and my bosses PC GroupWise will close as soon as "New Mail" is clicked on the tool bar. There is no message that I can find to indicate an error. There is no issue receiving mail.
The only thing that is different on my PC with the issue is that Outlook 2007 was also installed. On another very similar PC without Outlook this issue is not present. My boss can't remember if he ever had Outlook on his PC but he suspects that it was installed at one time. I'm not sure if the issue is Outlook as I uninstalled GroupWise and then Outlook and then re-installed GroupWise. The issue is still there. The next thing I will try is to re-image my XP box so that it has never had Outlook on it and see what happens when GroupWise is upgraded. Unfortunately we do have PCs here that have Outlook and GroupWise installed so I do have to find a solution if Outlook is the culprit.
Has anyone else seen this problem? Do you think this issue is related to Outlook or should I be looking elsewhere?