I have a setup (NW65SP3 + BM38SP3) with two NICs (separate IP-networks)
going to the same switch but separate VLANs.
For troubleshooting, if I do not enable any BorderManager services and
have the router to function only as a router, the packets start to loop
between BM and the switch. This is due to a access-list rule in the
switch that says that every packet from one (another client network)
network will default route to the BM.
When BM sends that packet back to the switch, the switch will look in to
the packet and says: Hey, this packet originates from a network that
matches a access-list that tells me to send the packet to the BM. = LOOP!
If I do a traceroute to an Internet host from a client on that
"access-list rule hit client network" it only loops between BM and the

Is this scenario supposed to operate like this?

How can I have BM to mask the original client's IP-address and enable
I have no filters nor NAT enabled.

Please help.