Hi guys,

We had a power outage yesterday and now one of my OES2SP2A servers is having major problems with eDirectory.

- Had file system issues, ran fsck and fixed the problems, now fs is fine
- eDirectory will not load, checked log file, turned out to be the deadly 618 error, inconsistent db
- Tried many things, nothing worked, decided to remove nds from the server and re-add it.
- Main problems is that every ds tool (ndsrepair, ndsconfig, ndscheck...etc) tries to connect to the directory server before it does anything and because there is no way to start the directory service they fail
- So how can I remove the corrupted directory from the server if the tools needed to do that require access to the directory (which I cannot start)?
- Tried ndsconfig -rm, ndsrepiar -R, ndsrepair -R -Ad -xk2 -xk3 and many others, they ALL require the directory to be loaded first!!

- Is there a way to repair the dib files directly (offline if you like) without having the nds service running?
- If I move all the dibs to some other location, will the directory even start? Will I be able to remove the replicas from the server then? I don't think these steps actually make any sense, but hey this IT we're talking about, weird things happen ;)

Any and all suggestions are welcome, I need to fix this very quickly please as it brought a whole big GW installation to a halt