Hi there,

Our organisation has three main branches in three different cities
(Greymouth, Christchurch and Auckland New Zealand). All of our branches
are linked with a WAN connection, and all of the Netware servers in all of
the branches are on the same Netware tree. The Auckland branch has an
Internet link, and this link is shared between all three campuses.

Recently we've implemented the Bordermanager proxy solution at the
Auckland branch because it houses the Internet link. To reduce WAN
traffic, my manager has suggested to me that we set up proxy servers in
Greymouth and Christchurch. I understand that Bordermanager has a
Hierarchy proxy solution, but since we're also implementing Ingot for
proxy user management we need to know how the hierarchy server manages
users and log files.

For instance, lets say that we set up a proxy server in Greymouth which is
a Cache Hierarchy client. The proxy server in Auckland is a Cache
Hierarchy server. A user in Greymouth accesses a web page - which server
processes the ACL rules, and which server keeps the log of the users
internet transaction?

Many thanks
Erik Hogan