Hello all...

I have a question. I have NW 6.5 SBS w/ BM. Everything works great,
with one little hitch. I can't FTP without getting the directory
listing, which doesn't have the copy to folder option. You have to
download each indiviual file, which just stinks. I've tried enabling
folder view in IE and other fixes, to no avail. I'm tired of going home
to download drivers and other FTP stuff, then bringing it into work. I
figure I'm just missing something in my setup, because BM does everything
else so well.

Can anyone tell me how to get around this? I don't want to try the next
item on my list of fixes, which would be to install a pure FTP client
program on everyone's workstation just to download stuff. The training
alone could kill me, with the type of end users we have. :)

TIA for any suggestions or assistance,