We are currently running SLES10 sp2 and OES2 sp1 on our production servers.
These servers are used as file servers and we are using NSS volumes.

Everything has been, and still is, working great on our workstations running Windows XP with Novell Client 4.91 sp5.

We have a new batch of workstations that are running Windows 7 64-bit with Novell Client 2 SP1.
These workstations are having an intermittent issue.

The process goes like this:
Users log in using the Novell client and have some drives mapped via a Novell login script.
The drives map without any issues.
Users then start opening, editing, and saving files located within the mapped drives.

All is well, until suddenly all the drive mappings are shown as not connected. Viewing the drives under My Computer shows a red X under the drive and the text where the path info normally is reads: NcFSd.

The user can sometimes still open files using these drives, but it will not let them save.
The inability to save is always the first symptom of this problem. The error message is: The drive <path> is inaccessible.
The drives remain in this state until the user logs completely out of windows and logs back in.
Using the 'quick' Novell login via the systray icon is not sufficient.

The biggest problem with this issue is that it does not follow a certain user or computer; nor does it happen consistently. The only common element thus far is that it only happens on the Windows 7 workstations.

Has anyone else seen this?
Is there a log or trace where I can start troubleshooting this?

Is there a setting in the client or on the server side that needs to be adjusted?
Perhaps a different version of the client?

Any help or suggestions, are greatly appreciated.