OES1 Linux. Had setup an OES1 server, (SP1) as a VMware guest, to accept nbackup restores from an existing OES1 linux, (fully patched) host using the nbackup option -R IPaddress.

This was working fine and seemed quite reliable and speedy.

We got the bright idea to patch this new server. Since then, nbackup restore has not worked. We get:

nbackup: (libtsafs.so the data set handle is invalid
nbackup: (libtsafs.so an invalid path was used.

I can authenticate to the target box, as root, and can see that it creates the "root most" directory of the restore, but no data within it, nor does it create and "branch" directories.

I am most puzzled by all this.

There was some trouble doing the rug update (it ran the / partition out of space) but the box seems fine, otherwise.

Suggestions? Re-install, re-patch?

joe a.