We have a Dell PE2950, 4 GB RAM, NetWare 6.5 SP8,
running NSS volumes.

I've been attempting to improve backup performance
and was looking at TID 3341011. With the following
settings, I'm getting a NICI CCS:Fatal Initialization error.
(Renaming the NSSSTART.CFG, so it doesn't run, allows
the volumes to mount, normally, but attempting to run
with these settings fail.)


. . . I've also tried removing the /AllocAheadBlks=63
setting and dropping the /ClosedFileCacheSize and
/NameCacheSize to 100000, but I'm still getting the
NICI error.

Do I need to run any kind of routine, after setting
the above values, to reset things (to avoid the
NICI error)? [From what I've read it seems like
4GB of RAM should be able to handle these settings,
but I may be missing something....]