Need resolution ASAP - I know it's a Dupe posting - GroupWise Instant
Messanger is not loading. When I try to load it I get the following

NMMA: Agent configuration failure [0xAD2D]
NMMA: Cause: LDAP server is not available

NMMA: Cleaning up...

NMMA: Unloading...

NMAA: Agent configuration failure [0xAD2D]
NMAA: Cause: LDAP server is not available

NMAA: Cleaning up...

NMAA: Unloading...

I ran TCKEYGEN and PKIDIAG on the server and still not fixed. One
other item. When I open ConsoleOne (1.3.6h) and look at the properties
of the "LDAP Server - ServerName" object I only see three tabs
(NDSRights, other and Rights to Files and Folders. (I have full
Administrator rights to the tree.) We are at Netware 6.5 SP8, eDir 8.8
SP5, Groupwise 8.0.2 and Messenger 2.1.0 (5/14/2010).