I noticed after I installed the NSM Agent (novell-storagemanager-agent-2.5.2-198.i586.rpm) to an SLES10 SP3 // OES 2 SP2 server that it was not "authorized" to communicate with the engine. I checked the log in /var/opt/novell/storagemanager/agent/log/agent.log and found the "Engine has not authorized the Agent" message.

When I went to authorize it in NSM Admin 2.5.2, I could not see the "new" server or it's partition in the tree until the next day. Now that a day has passed, I authorized the OES Linux server in NSM Admin and after restarting the Agent on my OES Linux server, it has registered and functions normally.

Is there any way to avoid waiting until the next day to see new partitions and servers in order to authorize them?

I know this is probably a silly question and it's something I'm missing, but, I can't quite seem to figure it out. :)