If you have a OES NetWare server running BorderManager 3.8 with the
current patches and you have the Apache Web server running on that
NetWare server listening on port 80 on all interfaces AND you have a
proxy set up on the primary public IP address, port 80 to goto another
internal Web server, what determines which Web server the Internet user
will see when going to port 80 of the primary Public IP address?

We have this setup and normally, what I see is that the proxy takes
control so that the Internet user will see the Web server running on
the internal server that the BorderManager server is a proxy for. But
a couple days ago, suddenly what I was seeing from the Internet was the
OES NetWare server home page which is what is on the BorderManager
Apache Web server.

Rebooting the server fixed the problem - now I again see the internal
proxied Web server but it got me to wondering, what determines which
Web server the outside user will see and why did it suddenly fail?

Inquiring minds want to know,