I'm trying to figure something out around e-mailing blog entries...

We normally configure our Blog folders to send the complete entry via e-mail to our Tech team. I'm trying to elaborate a workflow around publishing a blog.

Desired outcome:
  1. A user creates a new blog entry
  2. Clicks Ok to save it; it gets saved as a "Private" entry
  3. User modifies the entry during the day, perhaps several times
  4. When the entry is complete, he sets the state to Publish
  5. The published entry gets e-mailed out to the group

Problems encountered
  1. When the user creates the blog entry, he receives the e-mailed entry; every time he modifies it, the modified entry gets e-mailed to him again
  2. If a user creates a blog entry by sending an e-mail to that Blog folder's address, it gets created as Private. The user then has to login to Teaming, open the entry and Publish it. A lot of our entries get created via e-mail when the guys are on the road.

So far...
Problem 1 resolved: I deactivated the sending of e-mails in the Blog folder, and in the workflow added an On Entry component to send the notification once the entry gets published.

Problem 2: no ideas for that one. I was trying to see if there was a way to tell the workflow "if the entry comes from the Email Posting Agent, then transition it to Publish right away!"

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated!