I have 2 users who have Verizon Samsung Fascinates. (Galaxy S) Had some trouble with one initially getting E-Mail to sync. I had him remove the sync info from his phone, I removed him from the mobility group, deleted the device in the connector, and let it sit over night. I added him back to the group this morning and gave it a while to sync up. After I saw the green "Synced" in the monitor I had him reconnect. E-Mail appears to be straight now. I did see some pending events on his account, and I still do but they are not on his calendar or inbox. If he adds a calendar event in GW it hits the phone and in a matter of minutes as it should. If he adds an event on the phone it never makes it into GW. I do not see pending events, and the number of total events synced for his calendar never changed. Tried this from my Droid 1 and it works for me, and of course none of my smugg-phone... I mean iPhone users are complaining.

I asked while he was entering the calendar event in the phone if he had an option to choose which calendar he wanted to place the event on and the only option it gave him was "My Calendar".

Are there any known issues with Galaxy phones, or where do I start looking for this problem?

GW 8.02 system running on SLES 10 SP3
Data Sync build 104 on SLES 11

Thanks as always.