I have upgraded our system to 8.02. I have migrated everything to Linux except my GWIA's. I am in the process of doing this now. I created a new domain on the Linux box. I created a GWIA on that same bx under the domain. I then made the settings changes to it that match the old GWIA on the NetWare server. When I flips the Internet Addressing to the new GWIA, all outbound messages from GroupWise are queued in the Outbound Message Queues under the GWIA. They never move from their to be converted and sent. If I send directly to the GWIA it works fine. I have specified the MTP port for the GWIA as 7104. It is only messages from inside GroupWise. My directories paths looks similar to the following:

Conversion = /media/nss/ia01dom/ia01-dom/wpgate/gwia/000.prc/gwwork
SMTP Queues = /media/nss/ia01dom/ia01-dom/wpgate/gwia

I know this is probably something I am missing, but I am just not sure what at this point.