when accessing the site


which has some sort of application "Autodesk Mapguide Viewer", then I
receive an error "Network Request failed". This only happens when I
configure the proxy-server on the client. When I bypass the proxy by
opening a port on my firewall to access the site directly, then there is
no problem.

I also tried setting the site in the "Non-cachable Object List" and
clearing the cache afterwards, but this doesn't help. BTW, what I don't
understand, when looking in the proxy-statistics in NWAdmin, I see a
large amount of MB's in the 'Bytes from Cache' column. Does this mean
that my Non Cachable Object list-item for this site doesn't work? How to
verify this?

Can anyone of you, using BM 3.8 SP3 just like us, try to access this
site? Does anyone know what could be the problem?