The PTB insist that we issue webspace to students on an nss volume so that it's space managed using NSM.

We've installed a SLES10SP3/OES2SP2a box connected it to edirectory... Lum enabled users and have the webserver running.

Users access the filespace via sftp. (For security It's wrapped scponlyc in a nice safe chroot jail however the error shows up even if I don't use scponly/chroot jail

Essentially on the NSS volume (using the winscp client) users can create, delete and modify files. Create, delete, and modify folders. rename folders but when they attempt to rename a file winscp passes along a "badly formated packet or protocol incompatibility. " Testing this against an ext3 file system and it works fine...

using strace on sftp-server I see the problem is that it attempts to call link() and receives a return of EINVAL and then doesn't fall back to the rename() system call

REF Re: Bug+bugfix in sftp-server : failed to rename file on sshfs mount - Unix Linux Forum -

Is there a work around for NSS so that link() returns an ERRCODE that is going to trigger the fall back to rename?

Do I need to escalate this to novell or worse start mucking with the source code for sftp-server ?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.