Hoping someone can help. My MS SQL box constantly maxes the CPUs at
100%, even doing so immediately after rebooting the SQL Cluster. I had
one of our DBAs look over the ZENworks database and his findings are as

Server memory is fine. I/O is actually minimal. Many sessions but not
"blocking" each other. Processors on the other hand are completely and
constantly pegged and have not dropped below 99% in hours. The culprit
appears to be the following query:


select distinct
content0_.ZUID as col_0_0_
from zContent content0_
where (content0_.SatelliteRep= @P0
and ( @P1 in (select satellites1_.SatelliteServers
from zContentSatelliteServers satellites1_
where content0_.ZUID = satellites1_.id)
or content0_.SatelliteRep= @P2
and ( @P3 not in (select satellites2_.SatelliteServers
from zContentSatelliteServers satellites2_
where content0_.ZUID=satellites2_.id)
or content0_.SatelliteRep= @P4
and (content0_.AliasedContentUID is null)
and (content0_.MetaVersion>0 or
content0_.AliasedContentUID is not null)
and not (exists (select contentsyn3_.ContentUID
from zContentSyncState contentsyn3_,
zContent content4_
where content0_.ZUID=content4_.ZUID
and (content4_.ZUID=contentsyn3_.ContentUID or

content4_.AliasedContentUID=contentsyn3_.ContentUI D)
and contentsyn3_.ServerUID= @P5
and (contentsyn3_.SyncState='AVAILABLE' or


He said this takes around 10 minutes to run on average and at any given
time there are around 15 sessions running it. Assuming this has
something to do with satellite replication (perhaps incorrectly, I'm no
SQL expert) I have dialed back content replication to once a day and
will reboot the cluster again tonight and hope utilization doesn't
immediately spike again, but can anyone tell me definitively what
process is calling this query? I'm hoping to address this before
rebooting the cluster.