Hello everyone....

We have used ZENWorks imaging for years. We always just got one computer the
way we liked it and then we took an image of it. Then we just took that
image and used it on every other computer of that model we had.
Periodically, we would update the image with the latest patches and
application updates and take a new image.

That worked great until about 4 months ago....

Suddenly, after updating the image and then putting it on a different
computer, Windows would blow up. It looked like the image wasn't as big as I
would have expected it. I contacted Novell and they told me that my images
were too large.

Their suggestion was to create a base image and then use add-on images to
make updates from the base..

The problem is that the add-ons don't seem to work. Near as I can tell, I
should put the base image on and create an add-on images from an existing
NAL application for the installation of the updates. But that is not working
for me. I have a NAL app to run the setup.exe for Office 2010 and I created
the image file from it. When I try to add it in nothing happens.

Is it not working because I am using the NAL app to run the setup instead of
using AdminStudio to track the changes that the installation of Office 2010
does when the product is installed?

Your thoughts??



Delon E. Weuve
Senior Network Engineer
Office of Auditor of State
State of Iowa
United States of America