Question to all those who may know what the "Devices Effective" and "Not Effective" numbers under Assignment Status really mean.

We've been dealing with issues with mapping drives to a user's local SuSe Linux server (but not to remote servers, how strange and it seems to have begun after deploying Windows XP SP3) and I decided to make a bundle with a requirement that it can see a file on the failing network drive. So the entire bundle is nothing but this:

Requirements: Z:\foo.txt exists.
Relationships: All users.

I was hoping this would give me a list of properly mapping users under "Devices Effective" and a list of users who are not mapping drives under "Not Effective". Well when I looked at the result I was shocked because it told me half the entire user base were not mapping drives properly. Quickly I performed a survey of 10 users at random and found all of them actually had the drive mapping I looked for. I confirmed they had not logged into Novell Client after the fact and actually found that 2 of the 10 indeed had and it was related to a known issue which I resolved for them.

I guess the question I need to ask is: If Zen processes after login wouldn't the Z: drive be mapped or not mapped already? Would Zen sometimes not see the drive immediately? Or is there another case I'm not aware of?

The drive in question is the very first one mapped. I'm just not sure if I'm using bad logic on this bundle or not.

Any ideas/suggestions?